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Hello Friends,

Welcome to Prajad, glad that you checked out my about me page. My Prajad blog about the website, small business, digital marketing, useful app, Course, Software and Online Earning. Basically, its is basset on earn and learn concept.

My concept is very simple. When I start to learn about digital literacy, I found the people from develop country who can earn 1000$ with just a computer and internet connection. But we are just think about a good job. See that is different.
On internet you can work online from different of skills which can pay you more than your salary. Its fact, but you have good skills with that particular Field.
There is many options are available with online earning which can help you to earn money with single computer and internet connection.

Why this blog?

In this blog upload best source of earning income online.
In world, developing and undeveloped countries are there. In this countries many people are unemployment.

There are search for job and earn money to support their family, but they never found job because lack of job resources many young are being start for labour work. If they not found good way there is big chance to turn on wrong way. This blog help you to earn some passive income from online in sitting in your home. There is many way to work online but because lack of awareness people not being too able that sources. With blog we find legit sources and write about.
Yes, you can make money from internet. But there is fraud also..
I just try to give you good suggestions which can help you to reach at list your aim amount or goal.

Why I start this blog with career options?

Well on my previous job, I was work as career advisor. Daily meet defernce type of students and parents… Some are extra ordinary, they are very well focused on their aim. But when I think about villagers students, they have limited knowledge about careers, they never know why they choose different type of course or career.
I feel very bad when I think how they can comp it with guy who have already settle goal and just ready to take off for their goal. After that I decide to help people to know about career and industry. Because both are very important factor for careers.
After quite my job, I start my own business with technical skills. Then I think to start small blog who can help people to know about different type of careers and industry requirements.

Why earning method?

When I start my higher study I have limited funds to spend on my life. Why I joined part time job in shop. With that job I can’t concentrate on study. And that job never give me any skills which can I use to future work. If that time I got any chance to make money with good skill maybe my life will change of deference way. Because of their limited options on that time to earn money. But when we see on this century, the online world are growing. Everyone is connect, I people are online with their device. So that earnings methods help you to earn money.