[Simple Way] How to Delete Wattpad Account in 2021

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In this article we are going to tell you very simple way to how to delete wattpad account permanently. Wattpad is an community of readers and writers, The platform is social writing platform. This application allow writers interact directly with reader through share your chapter. People can read your post, like your post, and follow you as writer chapter.

Wattpad is best social network for build your story base fan opinion and there feedbacks. The wattpad come with the smartphone application, and website that two type of format.

Delete Wattpad Account

Open your prefer browser and go to wattpad official site.

There is no option available in application for close account, so we will delete using website. Go to https://www.wattpad.com/. Its official website.

login to your account.

click login, and login to your account using Facebook, google or with your email. Remember, login with that format which you use to signup with application.

Click your username

After login your account. click on your username which is in right top part of webpage.

Select Settings

after clicking username, find settings option and click on that.

Select Close Account Button

In settings you will find Close account option in right side bar. If you are using smartphone, then scroll down and find for Close account.

Select the reason and answer the question.

In page first part you need to select this app leaving reason, and in second part you need to write your feedback for improvement the application services.

Click the checkbox

Click the feedback below checkbox saying “Yes, Iā€™m sure. Please close my account”

Enter your password

After clicking checkbox password input box will automatic generated. Enter your account password. if you not remember please reset your password and again follow these steps.

Click on Close Account

Bingo, you successfully delete your account. After doing all these step you will receive mail from wattpad about closing your account.

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Some Important Points You Need to Aware Before Delete Your Account

  1. If you delete your account, That means you are giving up your username. Incase someone create an account with your username then you can not restore your username.
  2. If you want to reactive your account then you can simply resigning in with same email or other methods.
  3. Your closed account showing in google for some time.

Things You Will Loose After Deleting Your Account

  • Person Written Chapters
  • Public and private messages
  • Readers comments
  • Your reading library or list
  • Username

How can I check if an account is closed?

If you want check your account is delete or not. Simply type https://www.wattpad.com/user/yourusername (replace yourusername with username of the account that you have closed) in your web browser. If your account is closed you will land to ‘user not found’ page.

How to Stop Getting Emails from Wattpad?

Follow these command : Username>Settings>Notification>Save or you can contact them directly.

How to delete my wattpad account on phone?

Open your preferred browser and on your desktop version. Now follow command : Username>Settings>CloseAccount, select your reason and click close account.

How to delete wattpad account on app

Still close account feature not available on app, but you can delete your account using web.

How long does it take for a wattpad account to delete

It will be delete your account immediately after you apply for closing account. But your account will be visible in google for sometime.

These is all for how to close your wattpad account. This is only way to delete wattpad account. If you have any question please comments us below, we will try to solve as soon as we possible.

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