Top 10 [Best] Highest Paying Url Shortener in India 2021


A URL shortener is one of the great platforms to earn money by sharing the link. we know about google URL shortener tools but in this article, I give you the 10 best highest paying URL shortener websites to earn money online.

On the internet, Many options available for money-earning. some are safe and some are fake for a paid amount.

I received many people request to give us some online earning methods. on this post, I am going to share some knowledge about share link and earn money.

if you Search on google, you will find hundreds of url shortener website. Every website pays you a different amount. Its depend on website ads network.

What is url shortener?

A link shortener is a work with a link like That type link which we want to pest on link shorter website. That site provides us with an alternative link. Which we want to share with your friends and other contacts.

How does link shortener work?

Link shortener creates an alternative link. when someone clicks on that link they will directly reach on company ads page. After 5 to 10 sec, they will skip ad and reach targeted link.

Why Link shortener Pay Us?

Well, that is important to know us why website pays us. Between the targeted website and link, shortener provides link website show ads. because of that ads website give us a small share, Its totally depend on ads company. On the internet, you will receive many websites which provide link shortener service with good payout.

Before you joined any problems check there the payout per 1k view. It depends from country to country. so please find a better payout website with your targeted country. There is some website which I recommend you to use cause I have personally used that website.
I use this website from my start. It is the best and trustable website for payment. provide 5$ minimum payout with Paypal, Payoneer.

Note: this rate is approx CPM rate. Website change CPM rate and policy daily. So please see their policy before you join any program. 

Top Best Website To Earn Money With URL Shortener 2018-21


Linksop is one of the trusted and popular link shortener site from 2017. I use that site to make tiny url for my work. Take only a few seconds to make an account with user-friendly control so managing all the link and tracking the earning is quite easy. Also through the referral program, you can get a 20% commission. 

One of the best benefit I observe that this website does not apply a capping on repeat visitor. It pays up to $25 per 1000 view (the rate different from country to country). Get withdraw with $5 Paypal, Paytm, Phonepay,  Skrill, $20 Payoneer, Bank Transfer-$100.


Shortshrinkurl is a new link shortener website. It is an amazing offer for you when you Register you will receive $1.50 Signup bonus. Its give you high cpm-$8 minimum. If you join 100 active persons with your referral link, Then you will get the bonus of $10. 

Its payment method with Paytm, Google/UPI, Bank Transfer, and Paypal. That is a very useful link shortener website with will provide lost some offer like, If you get 15 times withdrawal from this website then you will be a prime member and we will add extra $5 as a gift in your account. And then you can get $2 minimum to withdraw limit. So start your work today.


This is another website which I suggest for the start of your work. it offers you a minimum CPM-$3. and its minimum payout is 1$. Its will pay with Bitcoin, PayPal, Paytm [India], Bank Transfer [India], Payeer, Skrill, TEZ, UPI. That provides also popads for your website. also a good payout for website popups ad. It will pay you a monthly and weekly basis.


It’s in Indian base new website create a base on user-friendly. More profitable mean it’s not showing any captcha on their ads. Offer your 5$. payment methods: Paypal, Paytm[India], Bank transfer, Skrill, TEZ, UPI. 20% referral amount.


Clicksfly is best to link shortener which I personally use to short my link and share with my viewer and friend. Personally, Recommend you to use this website for short link. This website minimum payout 5$, with Paypal, Bitcoin, Paytm, Mobicash, Payeer, etc.. its also provide referral amount 20% of your reference earning. which is great for just referring more friends.

It is also well known as one of the best-trusted URL Shortener site. Short pay on the 10th of every month. Minimum withdrawal is $5 for PayPal, $20 for Payoneer and $5 for WebMoney. Short links are not the only way to earn money with short. as like above shortener, it’s also paying 20% for reference earning from your refer earning. is Indian based website short link website. That website pays you on days that is one of the best reason which I feel to join this website. You will get Minimum payout 5$ with an option like Paypal, Bitcoin. also, provide bank deposit for selected countries. 22% reference amount. with the user-friendly dashboard, you can easily understand to make money.

Ally URL

Ally URL is one of paid link shortener which gets paid you within a day of requesting your money. Request your income when you reach 1$ at least which one of the great think to join this website. cause not really waiting to reach more amount. When you reach Minimum you can transfer your amount to Paypal, Skrill or Pyaza. its Also give you 20% Referral Amount for a lifetime.


Linkshrink is one of another best link shortener website. Which pay you money for link shortener. Linkshrink pay you 1$ to 5$ per 1k view. pay with Paypal, Bitcoin within 10 days. from each invitation, you will receive 20% for a lifetime.

Petty Link

This is another link shortener website, which can help you to short your link and share that on local media. Minimum CPM 3.20$. This website minimum payout is $, with paypal, Payneer, webmoney. This website gives you 20% referral amount.


With this website, you make link short. Which can help you in track your audience to make money? If You have an important link to share with people that case this will help you with minimum 4$ cpm. The Minimum Payout is 5$, with Paypal, Payoneer, and WebMoney.

Final Word

There are many URL shorteners available, Choose a trusted website to start your link shorter earning. Above all website and their rates are not stable. It will change day by day and country from country. Please verify website authenticity before you start your work.


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