Whatsapp New Update – Use Personal Sticker for Whatsapp


Whatsapp sticker maker, In this post we went, teaches you about personal stickers for Whatsapp. starts as text to text massaging app and after the great update today we send any types of documents with WhatsApp. A total of 180 countries use this app worldwide. They are daily updating their services by update the surviving system.
Whatsapp is pretty busy this year making a new feature for a customer. This year WhatsApp introduces group video and voice calling, payment option, and sticker feature from fast 3 months. Included with Picture-picture mode swipe to replay mode.

Whatsapp Sticker Feature

One of the introduced new is the sticker feature for WhatsApp. Many other chat platforms already have a sticker feature. So that is a most awaited feature for all Whatsapp users. We don’t like to type text today, we use most emoji for use as a shortcut of text. We use text almost serious conversation, Sticker most use in festival cause no one like to forward the same picture to all.

Whatsapp sticker feature, whatsapp update

Yesterday I received most wishes on Whatsapp and I feel shocked when I see its sticker, the sticker with creative and well design. The sticker feature is one of the great ways to express yourself more creatively and in a colorful way, especially on this festive occasion. It also saves your time from typing long massage.

Whatsapp sticker feature, whatsapp update

Whatsapp already supported emoji and gif file and now stickers feature are new on the list. If you did not receive an update still then go to your play store and update the app. Because sticker pack support only updated version.

Whatsapp sticker feature, whatsapp update

To use Sticker pack, first, update your WhatsApp if you not updated. Ones update open WhatsApp tap emoji you will see sticker icon next to GIF icon. There are many sticker packs available which can you update from play store, some are free and some are paid pack.

Other WhatsApp Update

Forward message limit change

Because of some fake news forwarders, WhatsApp creates a limit on message forward. Currently, we forward a message for just 5 chats. But as per the new update WhatsApp now that limit increase for 20 chats. From the announcement, WhatsApp tries to make a more private feature for users.

Private Replay

Whatsapp announced a new feature that allows you to send private messages, especially when you chat in a group. This feature recently available on beta version 2.18.355. To use a private message, hold on to the message, and tap the three-dotted menus on the right corner of the app. Here you can see a private message option. Once you select all messages to come in private mode.

Swipe for replay

It is specially designed for quick replay to your massager for an instant response to your message. You need to swipe right to the instant the particular massage. This new feature makes to help quick respond to massage from available thread.


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