Top 7 (Best) Mobile Business Apps For Android User 2018-21


Today we share some top 5 best mobile business apps for android, which I use personally to make my work the easiest. There is some best app for business that helps you to take your business next level.

When you run a small business you have to pull all company work with handle Documentation, meetings, and promotions. Staring is good and handlable but slowly your small business going up you will handle more client with limited time and its take you make some headache.

Best Online Business App in India

online business app not just helps you to make your work easy, as well as small business app help you to grow your business. These business apps help you as your assistance, but these are only basic applications. After some time I will give you some advanced best business apps which will help you to make your work more easiest.

After that time you will not afford any extra manpower to assist you. In that case, your smartphone will help you to assist you, In this article, I tell you about some android application which will help you to the meet, task, and documentation.

Tip:- Android app which you can download from Google play store or click on an Application title. Also Application icon on the image

Best Mobile Business Apps in India

  1. Whatsapp For Business
  2. Google Translator
  3. Cam Scanner
  4. Auto Call Recorder
  5. Call Blocker
  6. Canva
  7. Google Keep

Whatsapp For Business

Whatsapp Business application is the same working as Whatapp but some special feature inked in this app like away message, quick replay, business information, etc. if you run your small business then this application helpful. If you want to invite a new client to your place so this app provides your business location so that is one great use of this app. You can also read all the information here.

Google translator

I use this app from my start of my career. This app helps you to grow your business worldwide. The app translates any language with your local language. App provides you voice feature its pretty awesome to understand how you pronounce that word in the particular language? Its also give conversation mode to understand communicator language and translate your language into communicator language. You also use there copy text feature for instant translate.

Cam scanner

One of the best app to use for the secured document. Well, This app makes your work easy with capture document photos and save them as a pdf file. Alway we visit a different type of clients and they’re they provide some document to or sign pepper. After some time we lost exact paper, In that case, cam scanner help you to scan your important document and save it as PDF format.

Auto Call Recorder

We received lost some calls from the different client. and this application helps to record your every call. After finishing your work you can listen to them. This application also allows uploading your call data on the cloud. When your every call recorded you have also a strong voice that proves against it froud. Little but very use the full app for everyone who can handle their Clint on call.

Call Blocker

When you are in the meeting or with some important client and you never want disturbance, Than this application for you. Well, This application helpful for block incoming call but some android phone allow you to block. This application was different from theirs. This app has a different feature like if you want to block all calls, Unknown call or private number so it’s very useful.


Well, Canva starts with a photo editing website, After some time they launch an Android app with an online photo editing tool. This application helps me to create photos for my social media page. Using that I create an awesome photo from scratch. It is work to send some unique images for the wish festival.

Google Keep

This application helps me to take daily notes and customize them to achieve. Set to implement note. Its also help me to take scanned note and handwriting note. So its amazing app for your small business to organize my daily task, note, and documents.

Final Word

The Above app Are free for the use which always installs in my mobile business apps list. These all the best online business app in india for the Android platform which you can for basic work. there are advance best apps for small business owners which we discuss soon.


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