Top 20+ [Best] Educational Apps for Students

educational apps for students

In this post we are sharing some best educational apps for students. Mobile technology is one of the best technology for all. We have almost one smartphone. We can daily use more than 2-3 hrs mobile daily, for gaming or other work. But how amazing if we complete our study or find a solution to an education application. Yes, there are many educational apps available on your smart, which can help you to improve your study grades.

Best Educational Apps for Student

Here some educational apps for students. Which I found there are many apps available in the app store some are really good but some are worst. As per my research below apps are helpful for you.

#1: All Formula

The all know with this name, this application gives you all formulas related to Chemistry, Physics, and Maths. Its provide you all consoled summary. You can search organic chemistry formula over here. This application gives you only formula not give you any guide for solve question.

#2: Meritnation

Meritnation application specially designs for Indian students. This app work with your study board. After select, you board you have to select your class and stream. And application gives you all question related to your class, test, and exam. Also, provide you explained video to learn. You can also visit others answer and know how they solve that particular question.

#3: Brainly Solver

This is a community of education application, mean if you have questions and if you wanted to ask some on then you can directly post your answers and the reader knows about your answers then they can write on your answer. If you know any answers from other questions then you can write your answer too. if someone already solves any question related to your topic then you can also see them. here you can discuss any topic with friends as well as online users. remember this is a community-based application so you will find some waste questions.

#4: Photo Math

These best educational apps for students, and one of my favorite application. You also like this application when you see the features they provide. You just show your equation through a camera and the application gives you step by step solution.

#5: Socratic

Well, this android application is like photo math but better than. This app not limited to math you can any type of questions in this app and app gives you all answer to your questions. It gives not only your equation step by step solution but also its give you all topic information. This app provides you website link related to your topic for boosting your knowledge.

#6: Duolingo

Duolingo helps you to learn languages. If you are weak in English or plan for going out of the country. Then this application helps you to learn the basic language of that country. You have chosen your time and cross each level. Good user-friendly interface and great application for students who want to learn languages.

#7: Geo gebra

GeoGebra is a free calculating app to allow students graphics calculating with visualization. and also help for geometric properties. This is a one of best study apps for students.

#8: Realcalc

It’s a scientific calculator. This application especially for who use a scientific calculator in their studies. You will found many scientific calculator application which same as this app. This application helps you to calculation, and it will great with your scientific calculator which you going to use in the exam.

#9: Curiosity

This my Favorite android application. This app basically provides you all facts. You want to set your fix time to read. And this app will send you daily facts update. You can also read all article on just click on fact.

#10: NCERT Solutions

After complete signup presses, you will get all subject box. Like science maths. You will receive all step by step full printed solution for all subject. You will find all subject books with the writer. You can also download session for offline reading. There is also an option for ask expert.

#11: Wolfram Alpha

Its high education application, Provide you almost all subject knowledge. If you choose for mathematics and search for any solution of quotations. Then its show your answer and also show you what is step follow for solving that answer. Even if you search any type of formula its app help you with that also.

#12: Simpli learn

Simpli learn give you an interesting article about your field. If you search for your field topic, it gives you a good suggestion for your interview Questions and their answer too.

#13: Skillz

If you feel stress and don’t want to distract from a study with playing a game or social media sites, then its application for you. Its help you think different and sharp your brain power. This application gives you study games from basic level to advance. Basic start and when you achieve higher it’s going to be tough. The Skillz application shows you a quiz that helps you sharpen your mind and also you think faster.

#14: Math Tricks

This educational app provides you best help for competitive exams. When you give some exam and follow the time limit. The app gives you some maths Question and gives you a time limit. You have to solve that question before time. Your points will increase with per Questions. You can play single, Multi-Player or live play with friends. They also develop training mode. This app definitely helps you Think and solve fast.

#15: Topper

Topper application gives you multiple options to choose your stream, they also give you options to choose your exam. When you select your all options, they will show you all Questions related to your selections.

#16: Cam Scanner/Office Lence

When we studying we have one similar habit to collect notes from a different source. But when I studied there is more costly to take note copy from Xerox. But on the android world and these applications, you can capture note pics and save as image or pdf file.

#17: Self-Control

Basically this application not for learning. But most of our readers are students, why I add this to the list. This application simply helps you to avoid social media site. When you select which time you want to use any app, the self-control creates a strong password for the selected app and it will be shown after that particular time.

#18: Coursera

Coursera is one best educational apps for students, provide you more than 1000 of online courses. The online lecture with reading assignments and video content. After finishing the course you got a certificate. Some are free and some are the paid course. There is a great mixture with old schools and modern education.

#19: Udemy Online

Udemy is focused on skills basis education. Udemy is one-course base studying application. Its also provide you video lecture for your better understanding. They have courses on almost all subject like cooking, soft skills, public speaking etc, Udemy have some free course and you can buy the course for your deep learning.

#20: Khan Academy

You already heard about khan academy. Its website also provides you video lecture for your subject. They have a special teacher for expert solution your subject. They more than 1000 video lecture. You can visit their website or download an android app.

#21: Solo learn

Sololearn is one of the google apps for education. This app develops for learning and understands computer programming languages. It also supports your programming file for better support. With this application you will learn html, java, python etc. each language for different application and all applications are free.

#22: Linkedin Learning

Its come with learning app for soft skills, office skills, and creative skills. The app has a bunch of courses and tutorial for professional use. You can also view with Lynda. LinkedIn learning application teaches you about office skills and professional skills for the office environment.

#23: Youtube

One of the best and free google apps for education. You will found almost all subjects video tutorial on Youtube. This is a greater platform to learn and think with more visual. You can also upload your knowledge and ask for your answer too.

Final Word

This is the best educational apps for students which you can use for your study life more easily. The above all education application especially for the student. You also have known about some online learning apps and website. But there is some new application. I hope this information can help you in your study.


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