How to Earn Money from Youtube

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How to Make Money on Youtube

Every day, around the world 5 billion videos watched on youtube. More of online money making people's spend more time watching videos. And many people uploading their video to make some money. But there is one way for everyone to know how to earn money from youtube. But actually, there are few different ways which we are going to discuss on this blog.

If you are youtube or start to think to make a channel and start for earning. This article can help you to reach many ways that's can help you how to make money off youtube.

Youtube Monetization

One of the common and everyone knows that way to make money. That is the way how do YouTubers make money through that way. Youtube give you money for your content. You can monetize your channel with Adsense. That also call Youtube partnership programme. This is work with viewer click an ad which is showing on your video. Youtube give you some share of their profits. Simply your income will increase with youtube views to money.

That means it's not easy. Youtube expect some hard work before you are eligible for the partnership program.

For youtube monetization, you have to complete some rule. 

 1 The partnerships program available for your country
 2 you have to complete 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers.
 3 Your videos contents should be eligible for Partner program policies
 4. You have to apply when above all condition are completed.

If you complete above milestone then you enable ads on your channel. Thought that way you make good money. The big YouTubers make more than 2000$ through this way. Can you make money on youtube using different ways?

Affiliate Marketing

Most of youtubers start their channel to earn money with absence. But there is another way to earn from youtube. Affiliate marketing is one of a great way to make money through video. Tarere is 1000 of platforms available which are provided you affiliate marketing program. You can join any genuine platform and start to create a video on that product and share a link on the description for buy. If someone how to make money off youtube interested to buy, and you give them a perfect review of a particular product. Then he buys from your provided link. And you will get your commission from the company. There are many useful products which can you choose and sell on youtube channel and earn money. 

Many youtubers especially start their channel to create an advertisement for the product and try to sell out with their affiliate link. 

The product depends on your channel niche. And you always try to choose product related to your niche. So join now and start earning from the beginning.

Promotion Video

The company always try to promote their product. For those companies spending lots of money on banner ads, social media ads and many more. From last few year companies try to make promotion through youtubers, because a youtubers is a good influence to promote their products and brand. Youtuber already has subscribers which are following. The simple way to create trust in the brand.

There are some websites for finding the promotion. You can go through them or find some other way. Many cases company will contact you and ask to make a promotion video for their brand.

Paid Video

If you search for any video or any episode you will find the paid option and paid price. If someone buys that video and pay for the video. It will directly submit on your account.

Where we going to seeing some free content very low chance to get paid traffic. If you are provided some good and important content, then buying chances will be increased.

Self-brand Promotion

Some of the channels create free promotion of their brand. As you we know youtube is free video uploading platform. Basically, they are not trying to monetize there channel with AdSense, but they try to promote the brand with making and uploading video. Where people will see and understand about their brand. Mostly famous brand use this way to promote their brand.

Crowd Funding

If you visit Wikipedia website then you never find any ads on the website. Simple question how the company earns money without showing ads on their website. They simply provide content and ask for funding and donation from a visitor. That called crowdfunding. It is one of how to earn money from youtube.

You can create great contents and ask for funding from visitors. Also, provide PayPal donation link on a description. If you've created content help visitors, then you definitely receive a good income from visitor donation. People always think to make money off youtube.


When we discussed how do make money on youtube, the merchandise is one of the oldest ways of making money for the artist. There is making money through their subscribers. 

You can choose a product like a cap, smartphone cover, T-shirt, etc. Youtube understand this is solid money making opportunity for youtube creator because have partnered with some companies and earn a solid profit for a single piece.

 Channel Membership

On Sep 2018 Youtube launched the sponsorship programme as we know channel membership. Subscribers pay monthly for their favorite youtubers and they get access to exclusive content from youtubers.

For activating Channel membership on your channel. You have reached a minimum of 30000 subscribers and zero strikes on your channel.

Last Words

That is ways with how people make money on youtube. With that way, you can increase your youtube earning.  That blog help you to how to start making money on youtube? That is all ways to make money on youtube. Which can you use to make money before your monetization start? Before you start you have to create a channel and provide unique content. Automatically your channel increase and start youtube earning.

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