Earn Money From SHAREit App

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Earn Money from SHAREit Android Application

If you are an android user then you have to SHAREit application for file transfer. Basically, this android application allows you to transfer your file. You use before of sharing the file with your friends and family. With the new update, you can earn money with SHAREit app by uploading video.

Share it start with a file transfer platform and slowly updated with the new feature. Recently you had received some notification about video or your local area news.
After Facebook, share it gives you one platform to upload your video and share with all share it platform. Also, earn some money through an uploaded video like youtube and Facebook. But like them, your video will be unique and your content should be more attractive.

To earn money with SHAREit you have fresh and unique content. Your video should be not downloaded from other sites. You need Paytm wallet for received your earning. Your earnings depend on your video clicks and your fans. If you provide good video then your fan will increase.

This blog will help you how you can create and upload your content and earn from share its app.

How to create account share it?

For upload video, you have to create your account on share it video sharing platform. There is all step to step guide for creating your account.

1 Open google and search for ‘we media share it’.
2 You will find the first option with SHAREit wemedia. Open it or click here for direct open.
3 After the open page, you have to sign up.
4 You will sign up with 2 option. With Facebook or sign up manually.
5 After clicking on Facebook, the new pop up window will be open. You choose to continue with---
6 You will directly reach on your dashboard.
7 You will find all the analytics there, about your fan, click, etc.

How to upload a video?

Well above all information about how you can create your account. But your earning will depend on your uploaded videos.  So here I am going to tell you to step by step video upload process.
1 On the dashboard, you will find the 2nd option post. Click on it.
2 You will find 3 option. Video, article, and music. Click on video.
3 You will find a file upload option. Click on that and choose your file, which you want to upload.
4 maximum 2GB file accepted and your video quality has minimum 720p.
5 After select your file you can see your uploading process.
6 Below that you will find some cell which you want to fill.
7 In Title, fill your video title. And what is your video about, fill that in the description section.
8 Select your video language and category. Its depended on what is your video about.
9 The tag is related to your video. How people can reach your video.
10 Cover means which photo can show you in your video thumbnails. Click on the cover and choose from your gallery. And tap on publish tab.
11 After cover, you can see two options with publish and save draft. Tap on publish to upload video.
12 Your video will upload but share it want to check your content is help them, then they will allow your video to upload. Maybe within 24hrs, they give you final dissection.

Other Options

On the left side, you will find some menu, that helps you from setup your account to know you

1 profile -

After successfully create your account first you will find your profile. Below your profile picture your points and level. After signup, you will receive100 points as a signing bonus.

2 Home - this is your dashboard tab. By click in this, you will get all information about fan, Notification, Clicks and…………..

3 Content – With that tab you will found your all uploaded file and video. You can manually manage all file from the content tab.

4 Analytics – It shows your overall details about your content clicks, follow fan, recommendation and other some features.

5 Earning – That is an important tab for you because all your hard work showing in this tab. After click on earning tab, you will get 3 options.

A. Earning – for your total earning from SHAREit, which you earn from uploading video.

B. Withdraw Earning – when you’re earning reach 3000 then you can withdraw your payment. This tap helps you to notify SHAREit to release your money.

C. Earning Setting – With this tap you can set up your payment method and other account details.

6 Settings – this tap for setup your profile. With this tap, you can set up your profile pics, your name, address, email id, and introduction. 

Final Word

The earning depends on your video content. if you really make video and people enjoy with your video you will get good earning from SHARit app. But the app still not give any update on why and how your earning will be increased. Its just started in India and payment method with only Paytm. Maybe after some time, they will add some other services in the future.

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