Small Business List

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Small Business List

I build small Business list to help you choose the right option for starting a side businesses work. That help to getting idea best idea for start-up new business in your local area and start earn some extra active income.

Best Side Businesses Ideas for Student and Employees

Why You Need For Side Business?

If you start earning from your job, after some time your income stable and your outcome increase then you have two options. One is simply to reduce your expense or increase your side income. When you decide for the second, then you need some idea to start a side business. On this blog, we discuss some best side business ideas.

Small Business List

Network Marketing

Network marketing is dependent network distributor for grow, It is simple direct selling concept thru their Agent that create Selling Distribution network for good and service. You can join as agent or create your own network sell. It is work with any type of good or service. That creates sell tree and you want to join some member in your sell tree. You get a commission from after they buy good or service


Catering provides food service for party, hospital, office and other residences. You can start a catering service in your free time. That is one of good beneficial work which gives you good returns. Start this business with very low investment. If you have good cooking skills then you can start or you can hire some good cook and other manpower for a mange work area. Start-up maybe very hardly gets customer or orders but after some good service, you will defiantly find regular order. It depends on your service and quality of food.


Freelancer means doing the online task from a given client. There is lost some website who provide you freelancer jobs. Freelancer is one of best source doing to make money online. There are jobs like data entry, graphic design, making a website, etc.

HR Consulting Service

Small Industry to large Industry want good manpower to grow and that is very difficult to provide perfect staff for particular work. Here is a business start by providing manpower for particular job role and take commission from industry and employee.

Selling Product

Selling product is a good start-up for newly born interp who want to start their business in low investment. Product selling is availed in small to large-scale industry. You can buy a product from local manufacture and sell that to cities and global.

Share Market

Buy some sell and sell share is share market. You have to start with buying some share and sell when share price going up. You can also use other money for buying the share. You have good knowledge about share market ups and down. When marketing down and when market creating up sense for that share.

Online Coaching

If you have good knowledge with the study you can start tuition class with your home. You want just join some student and help them for their study. When we discuss some work tutor can work for your side work which can help you to generate some income from your free time.

Graphic Design

Make a different type of design is a creative skill. You can make a different type of art and sell that on your local or you can sell on the online market. You also take orders from the Internet where you target for an international client. Here is one another option for work with a freelancer, that is one of important to you have skill with Software which uses for graphic design.

Amazon Reseller

Amazon is one of the largest online selling markets. Where you can buy any type of product. The product price is always going ups and down with the global economy, that is one great chance to generate income. If you have good knowledge of market then you can start product reselling work. Simply you want to buy some product and sell that product when there price going hike.

Drive Car

Drive a car from your local area is another best side business ideas, for that, you have one car, driving skills, and proper documents. If you don’t have a vehicle then you buy or take another car on rent or given some share. There is any chance to get daily extra income with fix trip for office staff or other peoples.

Personal Trainer for Yoga/Fitness

Today everyone wants to good fitness and they invest daily time for doing yoga or fitness class. People don’t have much time to go and make some exercises in the gym. If you have good skills in health fitness or yoga then you can become a trainer in that filed. You work as a personal fitness trainer for people from your free time.


Baking is a simple but hard concept in a side business. There is demand for baking food in the local market. If you good skills in bake muffin, snacks, cake, etc. then you start your small side business.

Invest Money

For investment money, you need proper knowledge. There are many options to invest money with good returns. But there is a scam also, search and ensure all details before you invest your money.

Internet Café, Xerox

The Internet is one of most useable think where people do their computer related work. Start internet café and give them a computer with internet for their work. You can charge hourly for surfing and downloading. You also charge for making print and Xerox. Most student and staff use cyber café for making their project and assignment.

Computer Repair

Repair computer, solve a computer problem and install software and ant-virus, repair hardware problem, that type work you will start as your side business. Start with your local area and expand with your city.

Real Estate

People want to sell or buy their plot and property. If someone wants to buy a plot and you just want to sell right customer with your commission or you get good commissions from buyer or seller or from both. You have good knowledge of landing price and documentation, dealing skills with a price.

T-Shirt Printing

The wearing t-shirt is always in fashion. On wearing a new design t-shirt is look more fashionable. If you have good skills in art and painting then you can start t-shirt printing work and sell with local and online market.

Public Speaking

The seminar, a Motivational speaker that all type of public speaker. If you have good knowledge to share and you have good skills in entertaining people then you can start public speaking as your part-time work.


Most people want help to choose writes career path in their life. People are searching for a job and after some day they will lose because they not enjoying work. For the case they need guides.

Clothing and garment

Clothing and garments are 3rd most required for every human. Clothing is one of highest selling product in the market, because that I add this to my small business list. You get cloth at the very cheapest price but you can sell that cloth to very high price.

Deal in 2nd Hand Vehicle

On today everyone wants their own vehicle, and people also want to sell their vehicle to buy a new one. You just want to communicate with both. (Buyer and seller) understand seller and buyer requirement after attaching your commission sell vehicle to the buyer. With the deal, you get maximum profit. But you have minimum knowledge about the vehicle.

Marketing Consulting

Every product and business wand proper marketing strategies for growth and generate a good profit. If you have marketing skills and know about how to grow business, then you approach small business Idea for creating their marketing camping. Business growth depends on marketing strategies. You can charge on commission or direct amount of your work.

Insurance Agent

Insurance is one of an important thing for people. Every person wants their life safe, or after them, people want to invest some for their life. You can start to learn about insurance policy and start selling. Insurance company gives you some money from there profit.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sale means if some company want to sell their product and you help them to sell their product then the company offer you some commission from their profit. There is some online selling website which gives you a good affiliate commission. You also know Amazon, eBay, Flipkart affiliation programme.

Makeup Artist

Makeup like every woman, women spent a thousand $ on their makeup and wellness. There is party, marriage and other function when women required looking good. Movie and serial shoot want makeup artist every time. If you have makeup skills then you can take order for per makeup and charge by customer convenient.


Start photographer is a great opportunity to generate some extra income from a side business. You need a good digital camera and good photography skills. With your camera, you can take order for marriage, a birthday party, and other functions. You also can sell photo online.

Vehicle Washing Canter

Car and bike have usually everyone. Monthly people want to maintain for good work as like vehicle monthly wash must look good. I also have a vehicle and monthly waiting for wash my vehicle because there are very few washing centers. That also at my small business list.


The translator is one good option for doing side business because here you want to just translate some content to one language to another language. Many type translator job available in worldwide. You can also work as an online translator with a freelancer.

Plant Nursery

Making nursery is everyone dream but not possible with everyone because there is some limited time for work with the nursery.

Jewelry Designer

Jewelry design is starting growing. Today everyone wants well design jewelry. Making jewelry is a good small business list.

Rare Good dealer

In the world, many people have a hobby to collect rare goods. You can start to collect rare goods and sell a return to interested people, with that you earn a good income from the side by side your daily job.

Toy Making

Making a toy is one of a rare startup in my small business list. Kids want a new toy for playing with them, as well as girls also want a gift. We also offer toys as a gift. Toy making business starting is easy. You just make a toy and sell worldwide using online selling.

Event Organising

Organize event as like party, Birthday, etc. If you have minimum organizing skills then you start as event management. People hire your service for their convenience and pay you for your service. Just follow the trend and make every event unique. Cause of your unique ideas you got new work after your last event.

Local Marketing service

A local business wants to sell hire there product and service. That why they hire marketing people. But when we talk about some small business list, people want someone external who promote their sell creates a good market for their product and services. You can start work indusial and start marketing work. Also, some business comes from other cities they don’t know anything about the local market. They can hire you for local marketing guide.

Soap and Lotion Making

Soap and lotion is a good selling product in a local and global market. There is demand for soap and lotion. You start that from your home and after start grow.

Sport Coaching

Sport is famous for everywhere. Every school college has extra sports lecture, as well as Parents, hire an extra coach for their kids grows. If you are good in any sport then you can start as a sports trainer.

Karate Class and Self Defence training

Self-defense and karate want every person to make their life safe and fit. If you already train and you have good skills, then you can start class and charge with per month, Remember your income increase with your students.

Cooking Class

Cooking is one of the best skills in the world. I already write about cooking. But here you start your cooking classes for women who not good at cooking. They joined you for making good food or any special type of food.


You can start with hand embroidery or you buy an embroidery machine. Embroidery and stitching are on my small business list because every brand wants to make their branding better. For that they always try new things, Embroidery is more good then printing.

Deal in Scrap material

After buying scrap material that collected for recycling. You can buy that from a different type of client. And seller that to recycling. More profit with low investment starting a side business ideas which you can do with your job.

Party Planner

People hire a party planner for making their plan successful and rememberable. Party planner organizes all arrange for guest who invited. From welcome to food, planner arranges all service. And planner got his payment after finish party.

House Painting

Have you your own house? If yes, then you paint your house yearly. Yes, that is on my small business list. You just take a contract for house painting and hire some workers for paint. If you run some special painting skills then you earn extra. There is some machine available in the market that makes your work easy.

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